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Earl and me at deCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA

Creating a piece of sculpture or pottery has always seemed a bit magical to me. An amorphous hunk of clay, placed on a spinning wheel, grows and spreads its earthy wings to become an object of beauty. Surely there are mystical forces at work here!


The first time I spun a tiny little blob of clay around on a pottery wheel, I was mesmerized by what seemed an enchanted sleight of hand, able to guide the clay upwards and outwards, giving it form and grace. Little did I know this initial fascination would develop into a full-blown addiction. Now I start with bigger blobs, and push the limits further, and I still take delight in discovering the hidden potential of what the clay and I can do together. It is, in many ways, the simple, joyful satisfaction of making something out of nothing. Magic!

Installing "Stalk" at Maynard ArtSpace
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